New Air Hockey Machine

New Air Hockey Machine

Size: L1900*W1230*H1950mm
Weight: 180KG
Power Consumption:180W
Players: 2 players

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Hot Flash New Air Hockey Machine


Size: L1900 * W1230 * H1950mm

Weight: 180KG

Power consumption: 180W

Player: 2 players

Method of operation

1. Popular new air hockey machines require a fee to play games. Push the star button, the game starts, the ball comes out of the machine

2. Two players play together and try to get the ball into the whole, then the player gets points.

The characteristics of this machine

- This machine is very durable and the material used is good quality and light weight aluminum. Therefore, this machine can be easily placed anywhere.

- Built-in digital LED scoring and timer display (operator adjustable) in the game area of each player side, allowing players to watch real-time game conditions.

- Use a single coin comparator on each player side. It is very convenient for players to start paying to open the game.

- This machine includes 10 ice hockey, 4 rubber grips and exclusive 'Puck Sweat' countertop polishing. Therefore, this machine is perfect in terms of configuration or function.

- Table legs and accessories are conveniently located in the convenient compartment of the table.

Why did you choose this machine?

1. The popular new air hockey machine is sold at a reasonable price, and most places can buy it to carry out the business of the merchant or to maintain a sustainable income. In addition, this air hockey machine is made of high-quality materials, so it shows some problems that affect the machine to make money.

2. We provide customized services. All the series of air hockey machines produced by our company can be customized according to the requirements of each customer. We accept customer design logos, pictures and names, and publish design images before manufacturing.

3. Quickly respond to any machine problems and quickly deliver spare parts if required by the customer.

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