Coin Op Arcade Fish Game Machine

Coin Op Arcade Fish Game Machine

Size: L1550*W1300*H630mm
Weight: 250KG
Power Consumption:200W
Player: 6 players

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Product Details

Phoenix Hunter Coin Op Arcade Fish Game Machine


Size:  L1550*W1300*H630mm

Weight: 250KG

Power Consumption:200W

Player: 6-8 players

How to play

1. Phoenix Hunter Coin Op Arcade Fish Game Machine need to pay to play the game, then player can start to play the game.

2. Birds comes from the monitor and player need to aim at them, then fire the birds by pushing the button and control the joystick.

3. Firing more birds, getting more credits. Once get the boss, Get the jackpot

4. Push button to pay out tickets and then get the tickets out.

Product Advantages

The game's screen design is very good, both the design of the game's character and the scene are very beautiful, because we use a good artist to depict the scene and the role. In addition, this game is not easy, so you can stimulate the player's interest to a greater extent. This game console is suitable for many people to play together and enjoy the fun of the game together. In addition, the music of this game is also very good, more exciting players' interest.

Game Despriction:

Phoenix Hunter Coin Op Arcade Fish Game Machine is a 6-8 seat machines to fit with arcade center situation and the software is showing difference birds for clients to win credits. As there are too many normal fishing game machines are the same, same gameplay, same programme, same holding. In order to giving something specail for the market, Phoenix Hunter has came out to the market. You can find over 50 difference birds during the game time, not only for entertainments, but also learning some basic birds in life. Game from Life, Life make Game.

Choosen Reason:

1.The Advantage of this game machine is combining a new designed cabinet that the market didn't exisit.

2. The spare parts inside the machines can be used for a long time that it makes sure the machine will not break down at any time and stop running to make money.

Game Special?

The software is 100% developed by us, which we can easily change the game elements, programme and characters and game play to clients requirements.

In the game, there are 5 scenes and boss will show up randomly and it will give chance for players to win the jackpot, once there is a player win the jackpot, it will help to boost the location popularity.

After Sale Service--United Asia Entertainments always put the client on the first place, so we will reply any questions or any inquiry in a fast time and do the service in a fast time, not only technical questions, but also spare parts delivery.

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