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Children's play equipment knowledge
- Apr 08, 2018 -

How much do you know about children's amusement equipment? Children’s safety has always been of greater concern to the family. Today, there is still a certain group of parents who have a prejudice against children’s playground equipment. Today, Xiao Bian gives everyone some common sense questions about children's play equipment.

Classification of children's play equipment

Children's play equipment can be roughly divided into: swing sports, track sports, water games, sports venues, electronic entertainment, dream simulation, inflatable bounce, sports, leisure and entertainment. Simply speaking, it is a large, medium and small amusement device.

The performance of children's play equipment

Children's play equipment is represented in various forms in people's consciousness. It is realized and completed through modern technology and scientific means (acoustic, optical, electrical, mechanical, electrical, swimming, etc.), and then responds through people’s perceptions. In order to achieve the image, vivid and exciting kind of equipment. Recommended reading: how to clean up more suitable for children's play equipment

What should you watch for when you are riding a children's play equipment?

1,Before you take a ride, pay attention to the “Passenger Notice” of the children's play equipment. Read the passenger instructions before you ride.

2, remember to wear a seat belt during the ride

3, do not stretch the head and arm

4, try to keep it fixed when failure occurs, wait for rescue

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