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Daily Maintain for Arcade Game Machine
- Jul 14, 2018 -

Daily Maintain for Arcade Game Machine


Here are some points on how to do the daily maintain for arcade game machine:

1. The working voltage of the game machine should be within the range of 220V±10V. If it is too low, it will affect the visual effect. If it is too high, it will damage the power supply box, scan board and transformer of the game machine, which will cause serious damage to the computer board.

2, the working environment of the game machine should be kept well ventilated, no moisture. And regularly remove the dust inside the machine, the air humidity is too low, which will lead to rust of the components, and the electronic components of the computer board are partially short-circuited and burned out.

3, the game machine room should also ensure that no mouse intrusion, rat urine will cause electronic components short-circuit scrapped.

4. The game console should be placed in a stable position to avoid shaking and shaking, in case the metal parts or substitute coins are dropped onto the electronic component to short-circuit the burnt parts.

5, the game machine should avoid high voltage, strong magnetic interference, electronic ignition and other high-voltage interference damage will cause the computer board Kun program to run out of control, serious damage to the computer board, the owner should strengthen supervision.

6. Placement of computer board: Generally, it is better to suspend. Avoid contact with metal parts and screws in the machine. Avoid using anti-static film and anti-static foam to isolate the computer board to avoid short-circuiting.

7. Regularly measure the voltage between the first and third feet of the blue board of the game machine computer board, and ensure that it is within the range of 4.8V to 5.3V. Voltage fluctuations due to changes in potentiometer or component parameters should be measured periodically and adjusted by adjusting the +5V knob on the power box. If it is too low, it will freeze the board. If it is too high, it will burn.

8. Scanning plate adjustment: In order to maintain good visual effect, the scanning plate calibration should be adjusted frequently. For details, see the scanning plate.

9, picture tube maintenance: too high brightness will shorten the life of the picture tube, the brightness should be adjusted to moderate, wet will cause the picture tube high-pressure fire to burn out the scanning board or computer board, the color of the picture tube is not pure to degauss with the degaussing.