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Does Arcade Driving Machine Make Money
- Jul 11, 2018 -

Does arcade driving machine make money?

People will have one impressive that there are too many arcade driving machine in the FEC when they were planing to have fun over there. In general, there are 30% machines are simulator games while arcade driving machine is one of the key part inside it. Due to its exciting and funny experience, they are becoming the key machines in locations and more and more suppliers are developing difference kind of arcade game machine for the market. Is it true that this kind of machine make money and it help location make money too?   Here are some points to analysis if the machine make money for the locations.

For western countries locations, for example, in USA, arcade driving machine is making money for the locations and that is why they prefer to buy a lot of racing game machine and shooting game machine in the locations. But not all the simulator game make money. But most of the machines developed from US manufacturers and Japan will work well. They know very well the kids habits and the game culture suits for that. Same culture make the same game for kids, which it help kids to understand the machine game play easily. Some Chinese manufacturers also makes the simulator games, but most of them can not run out of the culture issues. They think, they make, they consider in a Chinese cultures and that is why most of the western country locations will not accept their products due to kids don’t like to play and kids don’t understand the culture. But simulator games from Chinese manufacturers can work good at south east Asia countries due to their cultures and habits in area are deeply effected by the Chinese cultures.

So if i were a location owner, what kind of arcade game machine suit for me and it make sure the machines i buy will make money for me? You can contact with us for more information and we will introduce our machines for you to suit your market as it is over 10 years we stick into this market.