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Fishing Game Machine Introductions
- Jul 02, 2018 -

Fishing Game Machine Introductions


   When people heard the fishing game machine, it will comes a first images to them that 6-8 people sits together and keep shooting the fish to get rewards. Fishing game machine is one of the sweepstakes machine in the market. Here are some introductions for this kind of Fishing Game Machine. 

   Arcade Fishing Game is a general name as the first model is catching fish. People sit together on the table and shooting the fish to get a reward. Some players make money, some players lose money, In general, operators can make the money whoever lost or win money as they need to get commission on the total income. That is the basic principle for the games.

   Fish is one of the theme for this kind of sweepstake machine, also there are any others elements like insect, zombie, monster, etc. Fishing Game machine in general is paying out tickets or tokens. So it will be a good choice for operators to run a arcade center or FEC. If you still have any questions on the fish table game, welcome to contact us.