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Four Problems to Avoid in the Operation of Indoor Children's Paradise
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Many operators who have just begun to manage indoor children's play often encounter problems of this kind or other that cannot be solved and thus affect the benefits of indoor children's playgrounds. In fact, only by finding operational problems and prescribing the right medicine can the crisis be resolved. In the operation of indoor children's playgrounds, the following four issues should be avoided in order to gradually achieve success.

Question 1: Parents want to do a card naturally will do

Some indoor children's park employees are not good at selling stores, monthly cards, packages, etc. to parents. When they do sales, they are too passive. They think that parents would like to do a card naturally. This kind of thinking cannot bring higher profits to the park. Therefore, operators should encourage employees to take the initiative to actively introduce the advantages of children's parks to consumers, and publicize the benefits obtained from the card. This way, customers will be interested in applying for park discount cards, which will quickly recover costs.

Question 2: The more devices that can attract customers

In fact, the best site planning is the best. It is true that the equipment is more likely to attract customers to stay longer, but it is also necessary to match the size of the venue and reserve channels for each device so that visitors can watch it. This will be more attractive to tourists and increase profitability. If only to increase the equipment without reservation, it will only give customers a sense of chaos and congestion, affecting the play experience.

Question 3: Only operate the recent hot rides

Some operators will go into this kind of misunderstanding, blindly follow the trend, and what items have been popular recently. In fact, sometimes due to industrial agglomeration effects, if the amusement items being operated are too similar, it will cause unnecessary competition and cause the customer groups to be separated. Therefore, in the face of a variety of amusement projects on the market, operators must not only observe whether they have new ideas, but also understand the market conditions, and combine their own situation to create a children's playground that is suitable for local amusement needs.

Question 4: Blindly Compressed Costs Cause Security Risks

The safety issue of amusement equipment has always been a top priority. The Quality Law stipulates that all products produced and sold in the country shall be marked with the name, address and certificate of conformity, and shall be clearly marked with standardized Chinese characters. Choosing safety and environmental protection amusement equipment is a wise move for operators.

Indoor children's equipment needs frequent maintenance, because the design and production of amusement equipment is completed with the cooperation of designers and engineers. If the internal structure and the working principle of the host cannot be clearly understood, then it is impossible to know the problem. Sources will not even feel the seriousness of the problem. An experienced professional maintenance personnel can eliminate and locate faults in the shortest time, because the operating profit of amusement equipment has a close relationship with the time, the machine operation can be profitable, and the machine failure will lose money. Therefore, it is important to strive for time. In addition, after a period of operation, there may be hidden troubles. Experienced professional maintenance personnel can determine whether or not there is a problem after observation and simple inspection. Therefore, accidents can be avoided.