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How does the prize redemption game machine make money
- Jul 07, 2018 -

How does the prize redemption game machine make money?

1. Flexibly use the storefront or the golden location near the counter. Most people have the habit of going from the right to the left. Commercial real estate is a good choice for the first floor of the building or for the entertainment floor and cinema.

2, the placement should not be too scattered, it is best to do the area alone, easy to play and package.

How to set and regulate gift machine parameters in business?

The adjustment of this data varies from person to person, but it should be noted that the operation should try to adjust and observe more. Make a good record of gift entry and collection, and Lucky Star gift machine will send a message every day. You will clearly understand the revenue of each location, you can make an analysis, and then make adjustments.

How to make a gift machine for promotion?

1. The principle of using the prize redemption game machine in the past is that “there is no way for the customer to catch the gift”, but nowadays it is generally required to follow the “relative fairness principle” of the game and “try to make the customer as much as possible on the basis of guaranteeing profit”. To the gift." The successful capture of the gift will drive the lively atmosphere of the venue, and will also cause other guests to have an interest in the gift machine, and can also get a good publicity effect. Thus forming a virtuous circle of "human and financial prosperity."

2, the general probability of winning the setting should not be too difficult, each time based on the cost of the gift to measure, the gross profit margin is generally 30% to 50% is more reasonable. If there are multiple gift machines in the same venue, it is better to have a lower gross margin, which is relatively easy to grasp on the basis of guaranteed profit. Gifts of higher value can be appropriately increased in difficulty. (For reference only, see how the guests react specifically).

3. Don't simply consider the revenue of a certain type of prize machine, and pay attention to the improvement of overall revenue.