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How much is it to open a large indoor playground equipment?
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Many terminal shop operators have been operating for a year or two, have been highly profitable, and have tasted the sweetness of investing in an indoor playground. They will choose to expand the storefront area or open another branch. So, often people consult us to open a large indoor playground equipment how much money? I want to expand the storefront. What kind of equipment is needed? Next Xiaobian to introduce everyone about the price of large playground equipment.

Generally speaking, the prices of tickets for large indoor amusement parks are relatively high. The customers who attract are not expensive or expensive. They only care about good and bad, and the quality is not good. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase better, newer and more innovative models. Playground equipment.

I. Children's Naughty Fort

Children's Naughty Castle has long occupied a place in the most popular children's playground equipment, and it can be said to be enduring. Children's naughty castles have slides, marine ball pools, happy octopus, coconut trees and other items that can be freely combined and combined. For children, the children's naughty castle project is rich in playability, and it is also reasonable to become one of the most popular large and medium-sized children's playground facilities. The equipment price is 600-800 yuan/square meter.

Second, Zhiyong Daguan

The Zhiyong Daguan project was born out of the TV program and has a vast mass base. Therefore, it has become one of the most popular children's playground equipment. The facilities for bravery, bravery, and bravery use a rich and colorful environment and a realistic cartoon image to make children feel like they are in a wonderful fairy tale world. The price of equipment is around RMB 900/sqm.

Third, interactive projection slide

Compared with the traditional large-scale playground equipment, interactive projection slides make people's eyes bright, and instantly make the venue full of technological sense, attract people's attention, and attract popularity. It is one of the rare explosion projects. The game equipment is simple in operation, humanized in overall design, and supports multiplayer interaction, making the game more engaging and interactive. It also enhances interactive interaction between participants. The colorful interactive effects make participants more enjoyable. It is an ordinary slide. Can't enjoy it. The whole price is between 45,000 and 65,000, and the area is about 80 square meters.