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How should indoor children's parks do health work?
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Summer is coming soon. The weather is warm recently and it is easy to breed bacteria. There are many children playing with children's play equipment. There are usually different children touching and it is easy to become a channel for bacteria to spread. Many diseases that are easily infected by children, such as parasitic diseases and skin diseases, are easily transmitted through daily contact. Children's playgrounds are places where children gather. The health and safety issues for children's playgrounds have always been of concern to parents. How can the indoor children's parks do well in the summer? Here are some suggestions for everyone:

1. Enter the children's playground and replace them with special footwear and other safety and health products within the children's playground.

2. Regularly organize safety and health lectures in children's playgrounds and hold a series of activities at the same time.

3, before opening the store every day, after the store has to carry out disinfection and other safety and health work.

4, let the children develop habits, promptly wash and wash hands after playing to prevent infection.

5, personnel supervision, ball pool, sand pool and other intensive children's play projects must arrange the supervision personnel.

In addition, if children's play equipment is not disinfected, bacteria can easily grow. Children who are exposed to these germs when they are playing may be sick. Therefore, parents should pay attention to the selection of children's paradises with good health conditions. Moreover, after children have played, they should promptly wash their hands and face to prevent infection. If you have a children's playground, you can install an air purifier and a sterilizing filter.