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How to buy Arcade Crane Machine
- Jul 07, 2018 -

 How to buy Arcade Crane Machine 

It really a lot of arcade crane machine in the market and it make clients confuse that it really hard to choose the right crane games and where to buy the right one, here, we can tell you how to buy arcade crane machine.

United Asia Entertainments is specializing in making crane games for many years and we have design team and development team to make the main board, so it very easy for us to adjust the main board functions if there any clients want to change the board to adapt their country.

First and important thing is the main board. There are many cheap price crane games for sale at the market, it is really so fast to break and it will be a non-useful game after a short time, fast come, fast out model is a common thing for most of the suppliers. The right thing to do in purchasing the crane machine is asking the board functions and how is the board working. If it is a general board and there is special thing on it or the system can not help you to adjust what you want, it is not a good main board.

Second, the gantry. Gantry is very important part for the machines as the game play need this spare part to work and catch toys inside the box. If the gantry broke easily, that is total a bad machine. You should learn more about how the gantry work and how it fix after it broken.

If you want to buy a good crane game machine, you can contact for us to learn more. Also we have a lot of good items for you to choose.