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How to buy Fish Arcade Game
- Jul 02, 2018 -

How to buy Fish Arcade Game 

    Fishing game machine is such kind of hot sale product through the world and many locations in United State has already bought some fish arcade game for their clients for playing. There are too many fishing game machine in the market, even though, many locations owners don’t know how to choose their correct fish arcade game and they don’t know which product should be suit for them, right now, United Asia Entertainments tells you how to choose the right product.

    First of all, the idea should be more creative enough. Too many fish game looks the same in the markets and basically 90% fishing game machine looks the same. They mainly use the Fish as theme and make a lot of people confuse to choose. Also too many familiar fishing game make a lots of players lost their interesting. So, the first thing to consider is the creative. Like one of our product: Bomb Bomb Monster, it is a 3D next generation engineering platform with a new topics. Players can use a gun to shoot the monsters, so it give more fun for the player and locations owners also can make more money on it. Here is the link for the product, you can check for it.

    Bomb Bomb Monsters:


    Secondly, the program should be stable and easy to reach the holding while owner adjusted. Most of the fish game machine die in the market because their program is not good enough or not suit for the specific market. Most of the Chinese suppliers sale their fish game to USA with Chinese version program, but two countries are difference, so the program don’t work at USA, that is why lots of locations owner can not make money, even lost money in a long time. Choosing a fishing game machine need to consider their R&D ability and their experience. Most of Chinese suppliers don’t understand the oversea market and just make the Chinese-suited product for the oversea market. At last, both of them don’t make money. We have strike on this industry from 2011, so if you want to consult the fish game program, you can contact us for more information.

    Thirdly, the holding issues, some operators adjust the holding to 10% or 15%, but after testing, the machine can not reach the setting holding and the machine decide the holding. That is a big problem if the program can not reach to the setting holding, that is a failed product.

    If you want to talk more about this issues, we welcome you to contact us for more information and try our products to see if they make money for you.