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How to buy good coin operated redemption machines
- Aug 18, 2018 -

How to buy good coin operated redemption machines


With the ration of coin operated redemption machines in locations, more and more clients are going to purchase more redemption machine into their locations, in order to make our clients choose the good machine, here, we have some points on how to buy the good redemption game machine in the market.


First of all, you need to locate your place. If your location is a high class theme and you have to choose some high class redemption machine with good looking, good performance, good after sale service and good spare parts included, but price is also too good to buy it. Good machine also need a expensive price because it can give them a lasting income over 1-2 years and decrease many machine problems or decrease many fixing time when there is a problems appeared. If you want to buy some medium class machine, that will be suitable for most of the locations due to these kind of machines designed for this kind of clients need. Fast play and fast rewards to players is the basically principle and it generally gives operators 1 years running time in making money, due to its cheaper price, these kind of redemption machines need to change all the time to give a special or fresh thing to player to try.


Second, need to consider the culture. Some machine designed in a inner cultures. For example, too many arcade game machine designed with many chinese elements and fully chinese culture inside. There kinds of redemption game machine are suitable for many south east aisa countries, but it not suitable for many middle east countries or western countries.


United Asia Entertainments have lots of experiences on this industry and we can recommend many suitable machines for you in your countries and offer good service for you after you buy the machine form us.