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How to buy Ice Air Hockey Machine
- Jul 20, 2018 -

How to buy Ice Air Hockey Machine

People have doubt that is it easy to get a good quality ice air hockey machine? Because a good air hockey game will help your location to boost the revenue and people to play. Nowadays, too many air hockey table in the market, some price is high, some price is cheaper, but if you are not a professional manufacturer, you will not understand what is the key point to a successful air hockey table.

First of all, the payout ticket ratio. A good air hockey table machine can be adjusted to difference locations to adapt the player consumption and give out the tickets accordingly. It helps locations owners to save a running cost and give players suitable rewards to make them play the machine again.

Second, the spare part price and quality. If a ice air hockey machine always break down due to some spare part, it is not a good machine because all the good quality machine will be installed with many high quality and long-run quality spare part to make sure machine can run smoothly and make money. If your machine always need to replace the spare part, it is not good.

Third, the mainboard problem.Too many supplier change the low quality main board in order to decrease the whole machine cost and this reason cause a problem that machine can not use a long time in a stable time and owner need supplier to fix the main board, that will make owner lost a lot of money and time. Time is money in this current society.

If your air hockey table don’t have the above issues, you had bought a good machine. If you don’t know what kind of mini air hockey or any air hockey games. You may contact us for more information or buy machine from us, we will offer the best ice air hockey machine to you.