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How To catch toys on Arcade Crane Machine
- Jul 12, 2018 -

How To catch toys on Arcade Crane Machine

First of all, we need to understand the characteristics of this arcade crane machine. Many people can encounter it when playing the crane games: it is easy to catch the doll when there are several times in 10 or 20 times when you are coin-caught. And caught very tight. This is what is commonly called 'powerful catching'. As long as you adjust the position to grasp the proper part of the doll, you can easily catch the doll. In addition, there are always a few times when the doll catches the air and sways. It’s down again, it seems to be higher than the last time, but it has fallen in the process of moving. This is the “weak grip”, these are controlled. Why are there machines in a row of machines? The dolls are good to catch, and some can't catch them. These are the results of human manipulation. Knowing this is easy:

I. Observe the condition of several doll machines and the situation of the players. Usually there are always a few dolls in a row that are smaller than others. This is not the dolls inside, but the dolls of these machines. Better catch some. This is the goal we choose. If a person who has been playing on a machine has not caught the doll for a long time, then you should not grab this doll machine. Don't believe that your luck will be better than others.

2. The placement of the doll and the size of the doll. If the doll inside the doll machine is too neat, we can consider giving up because it is too difficult to grasp. The dolls inside the doll machine are obviously more expensive or larger, so be careful, because such machines must be set up to make it difficult for customers to catch some.

3. The leak is that when the person playing next moves the doll to the exit of the bezel, he has no money or gives up. Your chance is coming. It is possible that a few coins will catch the doll. Of course, it is also possible that this machine is a pit, be careful to miss the jump.

4. If a doll is more like or easier to catch, it is necessary to have a patience to look for a grasp, and wait for the machine to "catch" to catch it. If you can't catch it for a while, you should consider changing a machine, because this is obviously not normal.

If you are a operators, we wish this paper can help you learn more about the small crane machine and contact us if you want to buy because we have a lot of crane games for sales at product line.