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How to choose a good Crane Game Machine
- Jul 14, 2018 -

How to choose a good Crane Game Machine

For the operators that operate crane game machine, the choice of equipment is important. If the quality of the crane game is often faulty, the interest in consumer entertainment will be greatly affected, which will also affect the income of the store. Repairing equipment and replacing machines will also increase the operating costs of the business. It is especially important to pick a good crane game machine.

So what kind of crane game machine is the best?

1. Capture accuracy. To ensure that the device has a certain degree of capture accuracy, in order to attract more players and guarantee operating income. If a device can't catch a doll, then the player loses the interest of playing, so the store will lose a lot of repeat customers.

2. Equipment durability. High-quality equipment can be used for several years without failure, which reduces the cost of repairing the store and the cost of replacing the new machine.

3. The choice of style. When selecting equipment, pay attention to the appearance color and brightness of the equipment. The luminosity can't be too bright or too dark, and the proper lighting can keep the guests flowing.

4. Service requirements. In addition to the price and quality of the equipment is a factor that must be considered, as well as the after-sales service of the manufacturer. When there is a problem with the equipment, if the manufacturer can provide professional technical maintenance services, it can solve many troubles of the store.

To choose a good crane games is very important to effect your location revenues and hope we can help you to find your best arcade crane machine from us.