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How to choose the right Mini Air Hockey
- Jul 05, 2018 -

How to choose the right Mini Air Hockey 

Air hockey table is one of the important machines in locations because it brings a lot of fun and smiles to family when they playing the games. Some operators have a doubt that what kind of mini air hockey is right for the kids, in this paper, we discuss some issues to let you learn more about the machine and make the correct choice.

Machine size

It is very important to confirm if the machine size suit for the kids. Some suppliers make the size bigger for kids, but little kids only need small area to have fun, if the playing area is bigger, it very difficult for them to enjoy the game and hard to push the ball into the other size.


Them and colors is very important for kids. If the machine outlook not suit for the countries habits, they will not like the machine and they don’t want to play it. So a nice outlook mini air hockey is very important to kids and it can attract kids to play. 


Machine income can reflect the popularity of the machine. If suppliers can support the data from locations and it looks so good, that is a good machine for kids.

If you have any doubt for that, we have a nice mini air hockey for you to consider, you can click the below link and try to consider our air hockey table if you want to purchase some machines.

Mini Air Hockey