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How To Choose The Right Prize Machine
- Jul 07, 2018 -

How to choose the right prize machine

How to choose a prize machine? What kind of prize vending machine is a good machine?

1. Realize the importance of gifts

Prize machines are not popular arcade game machine, but people's pursuit of "gifts" is eternal. For commercial real estate, shopping malls, leisure venues, people come out to play is to prepare to spend money, see the favorite things, spend ten 20 pieces to "take a chance", is part of "playing leisure", so In the period of commercial real estate transformation, we will find that sometimes a whole layer is a leisure and leisure equipment, and the most popular one is this layer. The gift machine is one of the protagonists!

2, the choice of gifts to diversify

Considering the size of the venue and the matching of different gift types, such as the general business venue, customers of all ages have to pay attention to the gift of the gift machine, especially the gift machine like Lucky Star, the choice Gifts are high-tech products that take care of all ages and no one wants to have it. If it is a doll machine, it is necessary to organize the dolls all day long, otherwise others will not feel fresh or feel that they are not like it...

3. prize vending machine with low failure rate

Ensuring the normal operation of the gift machine is a necessary condition for equipment operation and speculation. Therefore, it should be prudent in purchasing and selecting. Don’t blindly consider the price of the machine. It is always the last word to know that “cheap is not good”. , the manufacturer's machine quality and after-sales service, sometimes it is the key to decide whether you can buy it for 3 months or always operate!

4, relatively simple game content can extend the operating life of the prize machine.

Don't use the gift machine as a game console, because the player is only interested in the gift, not the game content. The gift machine with a strong game component will make the player tired after a period of operation, which will eventually lead to a decline in the turnover of the gift model. Lucky Star is easy to play, and it satisfies consumers' desire to get gifts eagerly. It won't take a lot of time to play a few games.