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How to Chose Good Second Hand Game Machine
- Jul 10, 2018 -

How to Chose Good Second Hand Game Machine

As the material price grow up, the cost game machine is going up in these years, especially a lot of original arcade game machine price is still high, some locations can not buy these kind of  arcade game, when this machine sold at the market in some years, there are good conditions second hand game machines in the markets in a cheap price, so that is why many small locations owners prefer to buy due to its good price and the original game machines are still hot and help them to make money. Many suppliers offer second hand game machines, but most of them don’t suits for the oversea markets. What owners can do if they want to buy used arcade game machine or what they can do to choose good condition used arcade game machines? Right now we will tell you some points on how to select the good second hand machine.

First, check the manufacturer label. All the original used arcade game machines will be taged with a manufacturer label to tell clients where is the machine from. To buy this kind of machine need to check this point and see if it original. Some suppliers will make the copy version and sold as original but they are not.

Second, check the PC or the main board. There is a sticker will be taged on the pc to show where is it from and then you can see whether is the machine original. A lot of copy pc put into the machines and tell clients that it is original, and a lot of clients were cheated.

Third, check the cabinet conditions. If the cabinet looks good and it reach 90% new. It is good to choose it as it must be some scratch on cabinet while it run for sometimes, if the machine look like the same, it must be the copy. Also, spare part, sensors, monitors are also important to check if they are working good.

To choose a good supplier is kind of important and United Asia Entertainments has sold second hand game machine for several years. You can contact us for more information and select the right one from our warehouse.