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How to fix Arcade Crane Machine
- Jul 05, 2018 -

How to fix Arcade Crane Machine

Here are some ways to fix arcade crane machine.

First, the failure phenomenon: coin-operated coin does not enter:

1. Check whether the coin is loaded on the coin acceptor. See the attached drawing for the method of clamping the sample currency.

2, the coin acceptor is too strict, adjust the white or orange potentiometer on the coin acceptor, there is a small cross on the top, do not use force when adjusting, so as not to twist off the damage. Note: The coin selection is looser when adjusting clockwise, and the coin selection is stricter when adjusting counterclockwise.

Second, the failure phenomenon: eat coins when coin-operated (that is, no reaction after inputting coins)

Check if the status switch of the coin acceptor is at the NO position or if the coin selection is too loose, and the coin trigger time switch is at (MEDIUM) or (SLOW).

Third, the failure phenomenon: the claw does not rise after going down (the rope stretches to the longest)

Check if the micro switch above the crane's paws triggers sensitivity

Fourth, the failure phenomenon: the claws do not move after the coin

Turn off the power, pull the crown to the middle of the machine, then turn on the power to see if the crane can return to the top of the exit. If you can check if the connecting line on the rocker is normal, if not, check the fuse on the power supply. Is it normal?

V. Fault phenomenon: After the coin is inserted, the paw descends directly, and generally it extends into the barrel and then returns.

It is generally a problem with the grab button, most of which is caused by the rain of the machine causing the button to be shorted. Replace the button or remove it and blow it dry with a hot hair dryer.

Sixth, the failure phenomenon: the adjustment probability is not in contrast with the actual business, some customers report that the profit is too low or lose money.

1. Refer to the instruction section of the SWC part to adjust the probability control. Reset the difficulty (for example, 10 times for 10 times, 1 time for 20 times, 3 times for 30 times, etc.)

2. Refer to the instruction manual SWA part of the strong grip timing to adjust the timing time, try several times, so that the doll or cigarette falls when the paw returns to the top of the crown. If the timing of the strong grip timing adjustment is too long, it is easy to return to the discharge hole to release the loss.

3, refer to the strong and weak grip adjustment of the manual, the strong need to adjust to between 30V and 35V, the weak force needs to be adjusted at around 12V (if used to catch cigarettes, adjust between 9V to 10V, remember)

4. Adjust the voltage adjustment button on the power supply board (with load adjustment) so that the +5V output voltage is 5V±0.1V, so as to avoid the voltage being too high and the circuit anti-interference ability is reduced.

5. If the commercial power of the business premises is unstable more than 220V~10%, it is necessary to install more than 100W power supply regulator at the front end of the machine.

The crane game machine can play games for coin-operated, and the strong and weak forces can be controlled by the machine settings.