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How to get difference toys on Small Crane Machine
- Jul 12, 2018 -

How to get difference toys on Small Crane Machine

There are difference toys in some small crane machine, here are some ways tell you how to get the toys in a crane games.

Here are some ways to grasp the dolls of the shape: 1. Large-headed puppets (big dog, big head Pooh)

When you touch a big-headed doll, the focus of the doll is on the head. Look at the clip to see if the clip is bigger than the doll head. If the clip is large, you can directly clip the doll head. If the clip is smaller than the doll head. Don't expect the big head of the doll to be hooked, because if the clip doesn't fit, there is no grip. If the head is bigger than the clip, then you should start near the neck of the target and try to get the clip into it. In the middle of the neck and body, this is the easiest place to clip.

2. Long-legged puppets, human-shaped puppets (Mickey Mouse, Naughty Leopard)

 The easiest way is to clip the body and put the clip into the neck of the doll or under the armpit. If the doll is close to the exit, you can also clip the point near the exit. For example, the foot is already at the hole. At the foot, sometimes the clip will be pulled up and the doll will be pulled up and directly into the hole to score. If you are lucky, you can successfully drag it once or twice. 3. Two-headed puppets (little jingle, raccoon, rex rabbit, Q version of Disney dolls) The puppets of the two heads are often not the best offensive sites because of the weight factor. The most suitable place is Looking for the doll's center of gravity, the collect is usually not successful. The two-headed puppets have to find a way to send the clip into the center of the body, so it is sometimes necessary to spend one or two tokens to pour the doll down. Then start the attack.

Of course, there are still many methods. In short, playing a arcade crane machine is a picture of happiness. The mood is great when you grab a rare doll from the machine and pick it up. I wish everyone can catch their favorite dolls!