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How to Increase the Income by Using Redemption Game Machine
- May 15, 2018 -

 With the ticket redemption machine gradually becoming the engine of location revenue growth, many locations increase the redemption game machine as an important upgrade direction, but the ticket redemption machine itself has a relatively large operating difficulty, and many locations do not have such kind of game machine. The management method did not achieve the desired locations increase after adding the ticket game machine. This article is to solve these problems.


How does the kids locations join the ticket machine?

  1. The needs of the market

  In fact, the redemption machine is not a new type of new game machine. The market has already emerged in the fourth quarter of the year. Some early venue management systems have the function of redeeming tickets and gifts. In the late 1990s, many domestic amusement parks were already equipped with ticket machines. But recently, the ticket machine has received a lot of attention again. Many experts predict that the ticket machine may become the next hot spot in the market.

The reason for this is that on the one hand, a large number of children's playgrounds opened in the past few years, because of a single operating project, the project covers an area of large, low income, due to the intensified competition today, the cost rises, the operation is difficult, it is urgent need to upgrade to a suitable one Playing and playing in an integrated playground, the ticket machine has a stronger profitability than other models, and has become an important item for many venue upgrades. On the other hand, there is now a very obvious phenomenon. Among the customers in the amusement park, the middle-aged and elderly groups have grown rapidly. This group has more free time and the spending power has increased rapidly. The ticket machine is the favorite of this group. model. 

   2. The need for business

   Ticket game machines are difficult arcade game machines to operate. Unlike other models, there are mature methods of operation. The lottery machines have not yet found effective management methods for many venues. Lots of ticket machines operate in venues. Not ideal.


What does the ticket machine rely on to attract guests? 

1. Game

First of all, it is its game that draws the ticket machine to attract the guest, the game wants to be fun, lets the guest like, this machine will some people come to play. 

2. Tickets

Then, because the ticket machine's game is generally relatively simple and easy to use, its viscosity is also low. In this case, tickets are needed to increase interest and viscosity.

3. Gifts

At the beginning, the guests will be happy to see winning the lottery and will not consider the value represented by the lottery. However, to truly let guests experience the fun of the game and maintain their long-term interest in the game, they must use gifts to reflect the value of the ticket. Through the gifts, guests can experience the sense of achievement of the game.