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How to maintain arcade prize machines
- Jul 19, 2018 -

 How to maintain arcade prize machines


From three aspects, as a arcade prize machines supplier, in addition to the relevant manuals of the machine, it is recommended to use the popular communication ways, such as video APP, WeChat public number, etc., to debug the machine, especially Sectional debugging, gripping and other parameters that affect the customer experience are debugged into micro video or long image. One is easy to spread, and the other is video with voice, long image with text, and key markers that are easy to express things and highlights. Practitioners with weak foundations can quickly grasp the key points.

A small-scale chain gift house or chain arcade crane machine shop should properly train one or two people with experience in maintenance and adjustment. In addition to repairing the machine, this person should also pay attention to the data and pay attention to the information such as the drop rate of the doll.

The maintenance problem of the machine is a problem that many store operators are worried about. Compared with the gift shop, the problem of the gift machine is not too big, and it is even more impossible to equip with professional mechanics. The maintenance problem not only interferes with the operation, but also is annoying to the operator.

How to solve?

First, go to a local person who repairs home appliances to work part-time. Repairing home appliances, excluding those who installed air conditioners and repairing refrigerators, did not mean to devalue them. Professional people do professional things. We can find them scattered in the hutong. The earliest ones can repair TV, and can repair Those of the board. This method is equally applicable to other video game devices.

Second, several companies joined forces to share a maintenance staff. Doing the same thing in the same city is not necessarily a complete competitor on many levels, it may be a competing person.

Third, the operators themselves learn the professional skills in maintenance. This requires the operator to first have some basic things, such as the use of a multimeter.

Fourth, go to the arcade game machine manufacturer to do a simple training. Can have a face-to-face understanding with the after-sales personnel, in the later stage of the machine maintenance problems, there will be no deviation or few deviations.

Fifth, for after-sales personnel, after-sales service is only one of his jobs. To maintain basic respect and etiquette, you can get more help from the after-sales staff.

As the owner of the gift house, you need to learn some basic knowledge of the doll machine, especially the matters that should be paid attention to in the debugging and operation of the machine parameters. Just like opening a pancake shop, at least the pancake pot should be used. As a kind of tool for making money, the doll carrier is definitely not a good place to do the shopkeeper. It is not much to buy a machine that can make money by powering on the machine.