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How to operate a prize machine in a shopping mall
- Sep 21, 2018 -

How to operate a prize machine in a shopping mall


It is getting more and more prize machines displayed at the shopping mall in the past 3 years due to this kind of machine can be operated automatically and it doesn’t need too many people to look at. Also it gives a short time for player to playing and results came out. So more and more people want to buy some machine and put into shopping mall for making money.


But here is the questions come, why some location has a lot of prize machine but only 2-3 machines working good? Why the same prize machine work good at this location, but while it put to another one, the machine didn’t work good? Here we are going to discuss what happen and how to operate a prize machine in a shopping mall.


First, you need to display difference value prize in the machine. If there are small ,medium and big size prize on a machine, it will gives more choices for player to choose which one they like, some prize, easy for player to win, and easy to attract people play again.


Second, you need to buy some special prize machine with others. For example, our prize game machine crazy ball, it has a special design and simple game way for people to play, and it only need a short time and give more fun to them. For more details, please see the link and check more information. http://www.uaentertainments.com/prize-machine/vending-machine-games/prize-game-machine.html


If you still have any questions on how to operate a prize machine, you can send inquiry to us for the further details.