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How to play arcade fishing game machine
- Jun 30, 2018 -

How to play arcade fishing game machine.


It sure that most of people have experience on playing fishing game machine in the locations, some win tickets, some win tokens or some lost. Here are some points on telling you how to play arcade fishing game machine in locations.

First and foremost, the mentality; that is to say, if you want to play this game, you must be able to control your own mentality, and you will be able to move freely.

The second point is the locations. To choose the popular locations to play, all the arcade fishing game machine have a basic principle and it will win points. Only if the machine eat more points, you will have more opportunities.

The third point is not to go up immediately after entering. It is necessary to observe and judge whether the machine is eating or spitting now. This can be seen from the state of the fish. If the fish is not the largest, the remaining multiples have this. It is possible to split food. If a fish with a large size is released, it is difficult for a small fish to hit it. It will be observed for a while. This state is likely to be a big trap.

The fourth point is the position. I can only say that there is no absolute good position about the position. You can choose to go under the position where Oita has won over a lot of money. Try it with a medium and small number of shots first. If the fish is dead, the big fish There is also a chance that if fish is dead, it is definitely a good position. There is also a situation where there is a legendary red spot on the court. It is the position of vomiting. If you don’t stop, you have to wait. The position can be killed. If someone wins with a cannon at a certain position, for some reason, use a small cannon to climb the points and be eaten back by the machine. After he leaves, it is best not to go to this position. May be killed by his position.

The fifth point is about big players. The so-called big players are big players. Players who lose big money, I usually call them "lights". If there are such players, you can choose the opposite position to try first. Not less than half of his guns, if his points go up, you should not deduct points. It is likely that you have rushed his position, all kinds of machines are big and big. If you go up, your score is not very high, but it is repeated in a small area. It means you have a chance. You can use my method to test the machine. If you do not fish, decisively change the position, change him. The left side is close to the position, try again, no longer change the right diagonal position, it should be able to win. These suggestions may help you play on the fishing game machine.