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Indoor children's park want to make money, ultimately, these clever mix
- Apr 08, 2018 -

The same children's play equipment, a modest business model, why some of the indoor children's paradise is booming business, the guest seems to come, and some children's paradise franchise is desolate, the door is very different, the difference between the two It can be really big, especially now that the indoor children's park franchise stores are blooming all over the place. How can we open an indoor children's paradise store to quickly recover the cost and occupy a certain market share? The collocation skills of these products must not fall.

At present, the market's profit model is better because the product mix is better. Basically, it is based on Naughty Castle Children's Playground and children's game consoles, and these two items cannot be opened separately. There are several reasons for this: Assuming a separate game for children The phenomenon of the machine shop, the formation of the phenomenon is that this game area is like the animation city, you need to apply for cultural licenses and industrial and commercial business licenses and fire detection certificates, this is more tedious, the second reason is that the game hall is in the concept of parents now Not a good place, so even though a child likes it, businesses make money quickly, but parents do not bring children to the game hall, nor do they give kids money to play a children's game console. Then the game room is open and it looks like a device too. Great significance, and then suppose that if you open a child naughty Fort Park alone, as many people will choose to join.

The main reason for not making money is that the project is too single. When a child has already spent a few basic trips, he doesn’t want to go. And the children play in the naughty castle. The parents do not know what to do. Parents will feel very Boring, this kind of paradise children play a few times, children do not want to go, and parents are not willing to take him, bought the monthly or second card to put home. These two models are difficult to survive alone, which is why some 300 square meters of joining children's parks were demolished soon.

The product mix in a well-run children's playground should be a combination of static and dynamic, with children's naughty castles and children's game machines also supporting them. For example, cold drinks, gifts, instant food, leisure, sports, and interactions, for example, how to match in a 400-square-foot children's playground, 40% of the space is for naughty castles, 30% for children's games, 10% To make a sand pool, 10% to make a gift bar table, and 10% of the free space, this is a relatively low cost configuration. If the budget is relatively high, Naughty Castle will only do 30%, take 10% out of 5D theaters, and the entire site will be relatively high-end with the children's playground management system. In such a children's paradise, the real profit is the sale of children's game consoles and bar gifts. Dining, other can only be regarded as capital preservation or to attract customers.

From the overall operation point of view, let the entire business field come first, then naughty fort, sand pool is the traffic tool, the purpose of opening small and medium-sized children's playground is to make money, then children's game machine is to make money, so that the match is a small and medium-sized children's paradise The best match, if it is a small children's playground, it is a combination of children's naughty fort and children's game consoles.