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Indoor children's playground profit small seconds
- Apr 08, 2018 -

Indoor children's playground is an investment joining project that is quite popular nowadays. Many people get up early to open an indoor children's playground and make lots of money, but now many of the more favorable locations have been occupied. How do we get from the indoor Children's playground "predecessors" hands a piece of cake it? The following Xiaobian to explain the indoor children's playground profit small seconds.

Indoor children's playground profit small seconds:

1. Employing 10 billing personnel, distribute a single page of advertisements around a group of shopping malls; another group will be delivered to households in the community.

2. Invite kindergarten children and elementary school students to visit and experience.

3. Through the SMS platform, information such as opening advertisements will be sent to mobile phone users in the area.

4. In cooperation with supermarkets or merchants in the same building, the amount of gifts purchased is 5 yuan for children's paradise, 10 yuan for voucher, and membership cards.

5. To send activities, prepare several small children's toys.

6. Organize small events in the park to reward the top three; establish good relationships with children and parents.