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Innovation on Amusement Game Center
- May 20, 2018 -

    The success or failure of a company lies in its ability to innovation, especially in the current phase of transition between the old and the new period. This spirit is even more necessary for enterprises in special difficult times.

    With the advent of the Internet, the wheel of history has become even faster. The ever-changing world of new and old ones is constantly changing. Policies, markets, and times are all changing. As an operator, we cannot reject the power of innovation.

    In the 90s of last century, the arcade video game machine industry was just bustling. Because some operators were eager for instant success and profit, they took huge profits and caused negative news such as gaming machine, such as Fishing Game Machine and violence to go hand in hand. After the upsurge of daily bonuses, the game center became a place that was criticized by society. One, even schools and other minors are not allowed to build near the whereabouts of the construction of video game center, video games, etc., and the state has also had to carry out a series of stringent restrictions on the game machine industry, has promulgated a variety of laws and regulations, the situation has become increasingly severe.

    Over the years, the national policy has been continuously refined and deepened with the development of the macro environment. The development direction of the entire entertainment industry, the scope of the industry's exploration, and the specific nature of the industry have been defined in great detail. Moreover, for the managers of transformation and innovation, they have provided a series of favorable policies and incentive measures. If we make good use of these encouraging policies and go forward in the direction of the sunshine entertainment industry, our future will be excellent.

    The country's transformation and innovation encourages the entertainment industry to have a more definite development direction and tells the industry that it is time to meet the "business innovation" of the new era.

    However, first of all, we need to find out what kind of innovation is the entertainment industry innovation that is needed in the new era.

    From the perspective of policy and the overall industry trend, innovation is embodied in three aspects: the innovation of the amusement environment space; the innovation of the appearance and function of amusement equipment; the innovation of business methods such as recreation city and animation city. The innovation of the amusement environment space has generated an upsurge from about 2012. In the constant competition in the end market, the innovative model of the IP-based entertainment industry has started. At the front end of the market, Nang Chao Er began to blend the ideas of a large theme park into a small indoor park. Various thematic elements and IP elements began to emerge.

    Currently on the market, there are space themes, biking themes, jungle themes, secret themes, magic themes, and so on. From the design style of the environment, the old design that has no explicit IP direction has obviously not been able to keep up with the trend. If the venue operators want to stand out in the deteriorating competition, the overall subjective environmental design innovation cannot be ignored.

    Of course, besides the innovation of the amusement industry itself, the appearance and function innovation of amusement devices is also a bright spot. It can even be said that the importance is not lower than space innovation. After all, everything is more important than packaging.

    Amusement equipment like Crane Game Machine has a design that integrates with the play space and can attract more attention for the entertainment industry operators. Especially in some amusement parks with the theme park nature, if the color and appearance of the machines are out of place, it is an ultra-low-level mistake.

    Functionally speaking, the addition of current technology elements is very attractive to players. The generation born in the Internet age has sensitivity to new things. If you want to get money from such a player's pocket, you must take it. Delegate them to enjoy and enjoy the fun features. Currently popular 4D and 5D viewing technologies, AR and VR experience technologies are all good partners.

    The last and most important point is the innovation of the entertainment industry's business model. We must not only delight the players in terms of the environment, but also attract players from the content, and we must also facilitate the players in terms of management methods.

    The Internet age has had a huge impact on the traditional entertainment industry, but at the same time it has also brought us a good business approach. In the Internet age, everything is inseparable from the Internet, and the customers life cannot be separated from the Internet. Then our business is naturally also Can't leave the network.

    The network provides us with O2O management methods, provides excellent word-of-mouth marketing, provides a convenient mobile platform, provides online and offline data-based membership management, and provides the temptation of bringing home game consoles to playto provide chains. With regard to the win-win protection of business, what reason do we have to reject the "Internet +" business model?

    Therefore, no matter which industry, innovation is fundamentally profitable, and profitability is fundamentally business. The innovation of the entertainment industry's business model can be said to be the most fundamental and important part of the three innovations. It is also a part worthy of our consideration. In the coming year, the innovation of the entertainment industry required by the new era, did you achieve it?