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Prize Game Machine for sale in the GTI last week
- Sep 18, 2018 -

Prize Game Machine for sale in the GTI last week


As the GTI show closed at last week, many clients from difference areas have visited our prize game machine during the show and they get attracted by its difference outlook and simple gameplay. What is prize game machine? It is a coin operated machine, player pay to play the game first, and when they win the game, the prize drop off or door open for players to getting the prize they win.


More than 10 clients has interesting in our products and our prize game machine for sale to difference clients and we predict the delivery time should be lasting to next month. We thanks for our clients trust and buy the machine from us.


United Asia Entertainments also produced a lot of nice amusement machine for our clients, we welcome all of you to contact us for the inquiry.


If you need any machines, please share your idea and we can develop the machine you want.