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Skills of Amusement Coin Pusher Arcade Game Machine
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Skills of Amusement Coin Pusher Arcade Game Machine 

When you play are playing amusement coin pusher arcade game machine, you must figure out how to play this prize game machine and try to get large tickets or coins out. Here are some tips oh how to play the arcade coin pusher machine.

There is a basic principle that most of the coin pusher machine have a saturated time. Before you get close to saturation, no matter how much you throw in, no matter how faltering the edge looks, it won't drop out.

Here are the skills for the coin pusher game machine : You should have enough patience and standing next to the machine to wait. When you find someone who has invested a lot of coins but has nothing to gain and then annoyed to leave, your chances are coming.

There is also a violent type that uses all the strength of your body to shake the machine when no one is there, and then pretends to be very angry and slammed. But the consequences are very serious and may be fine or violent by the game hall. 

Sitting behind and the machine and watching it to see when it start, you have to watch the value of the fruit. The value of the game is not worth playing. It’s already exploding, and even if you’re struggling to shake the special prize, you can’t lose too many cards. .

Choosing a lot of points indicates that many people in front have never played, so the machine is likely to explode, and one is big.

Don't vote for one coin at a time, so the chance of a coin can be very very low.

Of course, don't throw a card into it, because it is very likely that you will pass 2 to 3 cards through the fruit-shaping thing. In many cases, 2~3 will be shaken by that thing.