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Some Air Hockey Machine Features
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Some Air Hockey Machine Features

Here are some brief introductions for air hockey machine. You may more understand this kind of air hockey table after reading the details.

Carnival redemption game machine

The gameplay is novel, exciting, and very entertaining;

The shape design is beautiful and generous, the pattern is bright and delicate, and the materials are exquisite;

Large-scale integrated circuit, built-in program, stable and reliable performance;

Use an imported lottery machine;

Adapt to the general type ticket;

Imported coin-operated machine, the weight of the coin is adjustable from 20mm to 28mm, high precision, stable and reliable;

The game program and revenue ratio are fine and adjustable.

Description of the game:

1, coin, the game begins.

2. The player takes out the game ball at the ball exit and places the ball on the table to play the game.

3. During the game time, the player scores the ball into the opponent's goal.

4, the game is over,it pays out ticket.