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Some Factors on Game Center Locations Chosen
- May 16, 2018 -

When it comes to the location of game machine center, many people’s first reaction is to be in the most prosperous business district in the region. However, a good location may not bring good business. The selection of sites is very particular important.


1.  Big Locations


The location of the amusement or gaming center can be considered from both large and small locations. First of all, let discuss about the big locations.


Different levels of cities have different considerations in place selection. First-line capital cities have a large number of commercial centers, so they can choose to cover the local first commercial center, sub-commercial center and suburban commercial center. For example, the resurgence has a number of stores in Nanjing, some in Xinjiekou, the most prosperous city in Nanjing, some in the water city near the Confucius Temple, and another in Hongyang Square in the north of the city. From Jiangnan to Jiangbei, it fully covers commercial centers in various locations in Nanjing.


Compared with the first-line provincial capital cities, the number of commercial circles in prefecture-level cities is smaller, and it is possible to choose to place the game machine center in the first commercial center and sub-commercial center. For example, the resurgent Suzhou store opened in the most prosperous Guanqian Street, and the Shenzhen store opened in the famous Huaqiangbei shopping district. In addition to the traditional business center, you can also consider the local emerging business center. The location of the traditional commercial center stores is high and the rent is high. Therefore, it is possible to consider commercial centers with great potential for development in the future that are not yet promising but are not far away.


In the county-level cities, because the number of local business circles is limited and the number of consumers is relatively small, they choose to open in the most prosperous commercial centers in the region.


The above is a macro locations selection idea. Here are some specific issues that will be encountered in the game center selection process.


The first is to determine the composition of consumers in the local shopping district. The focus of the fishing game machine center selection is to look at spending power and customer traffic. Some commercial circles have spending power, but there is no steady flow of passengers. For example, around the University City shopping district, most students are usually busy with their studies, have spending power but do not have time, and students go home during the holidays and winter and summer vacations, and no one else go to the game center. Some commercial circles have traffic, but they do not have corresponding spending power. For example, near large industrial areas, working people in industrial areas want to entertain but have low spending power.


We all know that the main customer group of the video game city is young people. In fact, the young people are only a large-scale group, which can be further subdivided. As a result, the target audience will be positioned as urban fashion young people with certain spending power, so that in the next location selection process, they will be able to focus on the business district where urban fashion young people gather. For example, the resurgent Shanghai store opened in the Peoples Square shopping district. It has a number of shopping centers and integrates small goods sales, catering, leisure, entertainment and other functions. It is the main area for young white-collar workers and students to spend leisurely and gathers for stores. There may be more target customers.


Second, followed by the business center's grasp. There are many brands of commercial real estate across the country. We must first assess the overall strength of these commercial real estate developers. Those shopping centers that have insufficient resources for integration and lack of brand planning are willing to welcome you in a open arms, but are you dare to go? Those with poor early-stage operations and carefully remodeled properties should also be carefully selected. The lack of strength of the developers and the lack of professionalism will have a direct impact on the future operation of the FEC. Therefore, priority can be given to large-scale developers such as Wanda, Hang Lung and China Resources Land which are well-known throughout the country. In addition to the actual situation in the local area, many local old commercial centers such as Shanghai Beilian, Maoye in Shenzhen, Yintai in Hangzhou, etc., have a high reputation in the local area and can choose to cooperate with them.


In summary, when considering which commercial center to enter, priority should be given to the real estate brands of the national chain, regional chain, and local business leaders. These business centers themselves have a certain degree of brand cohesion and can bring more of People traffic is also easily co-marketed with other businesses in the business center.


2 Small Location


After determining which commercial center to enter, we will look at how to choose at a small location level.


As mentioned above, the focus of the video game machine locations selection is to see the flow of passengers. Therefore, it is impossible to rent high-level buildings for provincial rent. If you are on a floor with strong interaction in your local business center, you can choose to have the first floor to the sixth floor. Because the same floor of the commercial center is targeted at similar consumer groups, the city will be opened in a highly interactive floor of catering and entertainment, which can maximize the conversion rate of passenger flow and sales, and carefully select floors with different types of business such as department stores and retail sales. In the specific location of the floor, the location of the shops near the elevator entrance should be given priority, and those who are in the commercial center but have a small flow of people should choose carefully.


If you choose the facade of a local commercial street or a traditional pedestrian street, you must choose from the first floor to the third floor.


To open a video game, there is a great deal of emphasis on the road section where it is located. It is not that the road is wider and the business situation is better. Generally, video games on both sides of the street with a width of less than 16 meters have the best operating results.


3.Store Size


Different grades of cities have different requirements for the area of the store. First-line provincial capitals have a large passenger flow. If the store is too small, the store is easily overcrowded, and there is no way to put more entertainment machines. This will affect the game experience of players. The passenger flow in the third and fourth tier cities is limited compared with the former. If the store is too large, it will not only waste the area and rent of the store, but also cause the players to feel less popular and unable to attract more. More players.


Therefore, it is generally recommended that the first-line and provincial capital stores have an area of 1,000 to 2,000 square meters; prefecture-level city stores have an area of 800 to 1,500 square meters; and the county-level city stores have an area of 600 to 1,000 square meters. In this way, it can meet local passenger flow requirements and minimize costs.


When choosing a shop site type, the wider the store, the better, so that more brand display area can be obtained, and the theme elements of the video game city can be maximized, so that the consumer can see the video game at the first sight after entering the floor. The city's storefront is more impressive and the brand image has also been established. For example, the resurgent storefront display is a large area of thematic color plus Qiqi LOGO. The unique architectural shape, distinctive signs, dazzling lighting devices, spacious video game entrance, attractive publicity posters, etc. can attract consumers. The line of sight forms a deep brand impression. On the other hand, if the banner of the shop site is narrow and long, it is not easy to see the logo of the video game city at a long distance, which not only inconveniences the player but also affects the sales of the amusement game platform.


4. Rental Fee


As mentioned above, some FEC contain redemption game machine, fishing game machine, crane game machine and kiddie rides machines cannot rent high floors for provincial rent, but they can't blindly pursue high traffic and choose high-rent stores, which greatly increases the cost of opening stores. In order to keep the cost within a certain range, it is generally recommended to choose a rental price of 8 yuan/sq.m. (use area)/day, which includes the property fee.