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Some Problems on Crane Machine Running in Locations
- May 09, 2018 -

     When it comes to gift machines or doll machines, most people may think of gifts, the appearance of machines, planning activities of stores, management, and services in order to attract popularity. In addition, the maintenance of gift machines and the decoration of venues are also issues. Problems such as the transformation and upgrading of storerooms, storerooms, etc. cannot be ignored. These factors may even affect the development of the whole store. For these details, here are some professional insights to share with you

     About the maintenance of a gift machine or doll machine. From three perspectives, as a gift machine manufacturer, in addition to the normal game console related instructions, it is recommended to make use of the current popular communication tools, such as video APP, WeChat public number, etc., to debug the machine, especially Step-by-step debugging, grasping and other parameters affecting the customer's experience to make micro-video or long-map, one is easy to spread, and the second is video with voice, long map with text, the key mark is easy to understand the matter and focus, The practitioners who are not well-founded can quickly grasp the key points

A chain-sized gift shop or a chain doll shop with a slightly larger scale needs to properly train one or two people who have experience in maintenance and tuning. In addition to repairing the machine, this person should also pay attention to the data and pay attention to the bait rate of dolls.

    The problem of maintenance of the machine platform is a problem for many store operators. Compared to the gift shop, the gift machine will not be too serious, and it is even less likely to be equipped with professional machine repairs. The maintenance problem will not only interfere with business operations, but will also be an annoyance for the operators. How to solve? First, go to the local maintenance of home appliances to do part-time job. Repairing household appliances does not include the installation of air conditioners and the maintenance of refrigerators. It does not mean that they are demeaning. Professionals do professional things. What we can find is scattered in the hutongs. The earliest people who can repair TV can repair it. Circuit board of those people. This method also applies to other gaming devices. Second, several families unite and share a maintenance staff. Doing the same thing in the same city is not necessarily entirely a competition on many levels, it may be a co-opetitioner. Third, operators learn their own professional skills in maintenance. This requires operators to first base some basic things, such as the use of multimeters. Fourth, to the machine manufacturers to do a simple training. It is possible to have a direct understanding with the after-sales staff. In the latter stage, the problem of machine maintenance will be encountered. There will be no deviation or little deviation. Fifth, after-sales service is only one of his jobs. To maintain basic respect and etiquette, we can get more help from the after-sales staff.

    As the owner of the gift house, you need to learn the basics of some doll machines, especially the parameters that need to be taken care of when commissioning and operating the machine. Just like opening a pancake shop, at least pancake pots are necessary. Doll machine as a tool to make money, the carrier of marketing, if you just do not shake the shopkeeper certainly not, buy a machine on the power can make money on the equipment is not much. 

    Question about the decoration of a gift shop or a game city. For a special gift machine shop, whether it is light decoration or heavy decoration, it is necessary to make a decision based on its own actual situation and the situation of its own machine. For example, in the Guangzhou exhibition in April, there were some very attractive and eye-catching doll machines. The beautiful chassis is self-contained. In this case, the decoration of the site may need to be weakened. This also applies to the princess style of Yingpin Technology. On the contrary, if the appearance of an ordinary chassis, we may have to strengthen the decoration in the store.

    To be able to accurately convey a style, such as cool, industrial style, cute, cute, etc., does not have to be comprehensive, because it is impossible to meet the aesthetic requirements of all people, most gift machines or specialized doll shops can only be retired Second, meet the needs of some people. Now popular romantic pink, more and more colleagues are doing very well, whether it is the appearance or gifts, but these styles are also difficult to show is heavy decoration or light decoration.

    In terms of traditional adult video game shops, those who specialize in chain stores think that they prefer to have a heavy atmosphere and a heavy theme, and they are lightly decorated. They will make different theme decorations according to different seasons, and will also make corresponding theme decorations according to the main doll series, and will also make arrangements related to the mascots in their store. The game city's guest group is somewhat different from the general doll house, and it is a relatively fixed group of players. If it does not “change”, then the player will “become lost” and continue to give them a fresh feeling to maintain high popularity. And high probability.

    About the store, warehouse warehouse settings. From the business point of view, it is absolutely necessary. For example, in addition to planning a site zoning plan, Guangxi Hate Video Games City will allocate at least 50m2 of storage space, and temporarily lease a warehouse around the store for the holiday season. Doll demand. First, it facilitates timely replenishment and updating of goods during the course of business operations. Second, it will allow customers to truly feel the charm of the Treasury. In other words, the warehouse is also a decoration.

   On the issue of how to upgrade and upgrade the venues, (in-store stores) upgrades. In the game gaming machine industry, the conventional practice is that the video game city and the children's playground can not be selected in the direction of transformation. The adult video game city will be transformed into an adult + children's playground, and will push the coin + lottery ticket from the neutral machine + entertainment machine. +Doll machine + children's swing + big project This comprehensive video game city transformation is just adult or partial. The operation of doll machines and lottery machines is a relatively test of operational capability. It requires more support from operators and marketing activities than other game consoles. In the past, some machines and simulating machines that were quick to make quick money were basically buying back a game console. You can earn money almost as much as you like on power, but doll machines and lottery machines need to consider more operational skills, including research and changes in doll drop rates, flexible use of ticketing rates and exchange rates, gift procurement and display, etc. This is a matter of comparing the capabilities of operational teams.

    The direction of the transformation of the Children's Paradise needs to be part of the game console. Why? Professionals who operate children's parks believe that, first, children’s business status is basically non-existent from Monday to Thursday; second, children’s programs are more expensive than single game consoles, but the game’s revenue is equivalent to the same consumption time. Higher than children's projects, in the limited business peak period, there are game machines and venues without game consoles, operating income is still different, of course, the premise is that in the normal venue, there are some children's paradise to do very well, a day The revenue is much higher than the gaming city's revenue. According to an industry professional who regularly inspects the market, a well-known children's park in China has a revenue ratio of 6:4 for game consoles and children's programs. Children's parks should be equipped with game consoles based on prizes, such as parent-child interaction machines, prize lottery machines, and some experience-type water jet shooters, suitable for parents and children. Gift machines, entertaining swing machines, etc.

    Nowadays, many shops are carrying out the transformation of shop-in-shops, such as the transformation of the dolly area in the traditional video game city. This is a trend that allows the game console to be regionalized and sensory to make consumers feel different. The area of the game console is not the same, not a shop in the shop. The previous game city is not very concerned with the creation and packaging of the atmosphere for the model. This should not be the case in the future, because the effect of atmosphere creation and packaging is still very good.

    No matter if it is a transformation or a shop in the store, it should also have its own characteristics to cater to consumers. Prize-winning games and games with strong sense of experience will be the mainstream of the future market. Doll machines and lottery machines are promising, and practitioners should spend more time. More time in operations. The children's market also needs distinctive and lasting innovations (in the children's eyes it is new), and now the products on the market are more innovative from the outside, and the innovation of content and mode is slightly less, although the amusement project is only a prop. However, there are more items and new ones, and selling points will increase.