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Tips for playing Fish Table Game
- Jul 04, 2018 -

Tips for playing Fish Table Game

It more and more players like playing fish table game in FEC and arcade center, here are some tips for playing this kind of gaming machine, if you have good experience, we welcome you to share with us.

The shot should be steady, don't let go of the gun: the novice player starts to get started. In order to pursue the pleasure of fishing, the bullet will be fired constantly. As a result, the hit rate is extremely low, many bullets are wasted, and the fish will soon be consumed. . You can look at the timing first, catch a big shark, you can get 100 fish, which is equivalent to shooting 20 rounds of 5 bullets, so be calm when starting to fish, it is recommended to start from the No. 1 gun, when you feel slow Slowly raise the turret.

Use different shells to choose different styles for the fishing game machine: the general formal operation is: No. 1 gun hit 1-2 points fish, No. 2 gun hit 3-4 points fish, No. 3 gun hits 3-10 points fish, No. 1-3 shells power Small, it is recommended to use the method of shooting; at the same time try to play 20-40 points of medium-sized fish. The 4-5 shells are relatively powerful and have a certain range of sputtering. You can try to launch them continuously and chase some medium-sized fish. The 6-7 shells are very powerful, and the sputtering range is even more impressive. Try to bomb the fish, or chase 70 points of the devil fish and 100 points of sharks to launch continuously. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with the power of each type of projectile, find the feeling, and then launch the shells in a stable manner.

Choose the skills to play small fish: fish below 10 points, we define them as small fish, although the small fish is good to play, but the score is not high, so the general players are not willing to play small fish, in fact, I think the small fish used It is also a good choice. My experience is to make small fish stick to big fish, and vice versa. For example, when playing small yellow croaker (golden pineapple fish), it is recommended to use No. 2 gun and No. 4 gun. Don't go alone, wait until the big fish coincides, mainly to stick big fish.

Choose the skill of hitting the fish: fish of 10 to 30 minutes, we define them as medium fish. These fish are recommended not to be played alone, often when other fish are hit. For example, when playing clownfish, it is recommended to use No. 5 cannon. If there is a clownfish to swim to the fort, don't let it go, even if you can't hit it, there is a great chance to stick to other fish. When hammering the tail fish, it is recommended to use the No. 4 gun and the No. 5 gun. When playing a squid, because it is slower, when it swims to the turret, you can consider playing a dozen, and it must be built on the basis of sticking other fish.