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What are the preparatory measures for children's play facilities?
- Apr 08, 2018 -

First: wearing loose casual clothes

Before going to children's playgrounds, it is advisable to let the children wear relaxed and loose clothes. In the event of an accident, they can react more quickly and easily. If the clothes are tight, it will limit physical activity.

Second: Look at children and prevent loss

The facilities in the amusement park are dazzling. The children are all fresh and interested in all the facilities. They can't help but touch and try. If the parents are neglected, the children can easily leave the line of sight, resulting in accidental loss.

Third: Avoid playing within half an hour after a meal

After a meal, it is a pleasure to engage in recreational activities. In particular, participation in fierce projects will make it easier for children to vomit and feel uncomfortable in the stomach.

Fourth: Avoid the peak flow of people playing

At the peak of the flow of people, there are also many bacteria and infectious diseases. If children make such excitement, they will easily become infected and cause illness. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid the peak of people flow.

 Younger children generally have a sense of fear for larger or exciting things, so try not to let them play with dynamic equipment. You can choose indoor naughty castles and inflatable toys, although inflatable toys are not mechanical devices, but children are satisfied. There is no problem with the need for play. Slightly older children can choose rotating amusement devices such as trotting horses, coffee cups, rotating bees, etc. These devices are not highly operational and are irritating to children. Of course, for older children and young people, they all like to have some sensations. Therefore, they must love to play with devices that are relatively large in operating height and range. Of course, the prerequisite is to learn to protect themselves and pay attention to safety. Each device is Has its own characteristics, if the child is targeted, then choose a suitable device for this age group.