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What is good Arcade Crane Game Machine
- Jul 19, 2018 -

What is good Arcade Crane Game Machine

Here we list three major standards for the arcade crane game machine and it gives you to know what is the good claw crane machine and prize game machine.

1. Accuracy. In the selection of the machine, it must be ensured that the machine is very high in the correct rate of capture. Generally, many of the cheaper machines on the market have the disadvantage of not being accurate enough. If you want to set it to 20 coins in order to successfully capture it once, you must always accurately capture it once with 20 coins. There must be no deviation. The Jixing Paradise gift machine with many years of experience can do this very well, and this is one of the reasons why Jixing Paradise's gift machine is ahead of the current gift machine market. High accuracy is the essence of the gift machine, which is the basis for ensuring revenue;

2, durability. There is also a requirement for choosing a prize game machine: durable. High-quality arcade crane game machine can often be used for more than 10 years under normal conditions. A lower failure rate is also one of the criteria for judging the quality of a gift machine. Venue operators should not be tempted to use the cheapness of the moment to affect the normal operation in the future;

3, brightness. The appearance of the gift machine should be fresh and eye-catching. It must also be strictly controlled in the brightness control of the gift machine. Make sure that the color of the gift is perfectly displayed under the appropriate brightness. Too bright will be glaring, too dark will lead to loss of passenger flow. . Therefore, the operating room must be rigorously tested before use. This is also a point that many store operators have failed to achieve.