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What is Good Arcade Fishing Game Machine
- Jul 10, 2018 -

What is Good Arcade Fishing Game Machine


Somebody must have problems that it will easy to break down when the arcade fishing game machine run for a long time and they don’t have any idea how to fix it. If you want to do your self once the machine broken down, it probably the good paper for you to learn how to fix it.


First, checking the IO board. Most of the IO board can not work for a long time due to it quality. So many suppliers want to decrease their R%D fee, so they prefer to choose the low quality IO board to work with the fishing game mainboard. When it used in a short time, the IC inside the IO board will be broken and it hard for operator to locate which IC is damaged. So they have to ask for a new board sent from China. Most of operators need to wait for 2 weeks and then get the board to make the machine run again. If the machine stop running, players will be deducted and transfer to your competitors locations. So, when you buy the gaming machine, IO board quality is the first choice.


Second, revenue is going down. Many operators found that most of the fishing game is making money at the first period and then the revenue is going down after 3 months. It is true because most of the fishing game program is made for china market and the software didn’t match any united state situation. Many chinese suppliers don’t understand well the market and they always think that our product is the best. They want to change anything inside the game unless client have to pay them a lot even thought it is a small cake for supplier to change program.  What you need to do or what you need to consider is that buying machine from famous supplier and don’t buy easily.  


United Asia Entertainments has work for this industry almost 10 years and we have many experience on telling you what is the best games suitable in some countries. If you have any plan to buy fishing game machine, you would contact with us to inquiry more details on how to set up the machines and how to run the machine.