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What is Good Coin Pusher Arcade Game Machine
- Jul 23, 2018 -

What is Good Coin Pusher Arcade Game Machine

Coin pusher arcade game machine was original developed from UK and Japan, it initially designed as a prize game machine for the locations to make more playing options for the clients and give them more chance to get a big prize in using small coins. If there is a new coin pusher machine in the market, how can i know if it a good machine for the locations? Or how to select the good coin pusher machine to make it become a good revenue machine?

First, Gameplay. Gameplay is one of the most important point to select a good coin pusher machine. Why? If a simple and traditional game play machine put into the location, client will feel boring after playing 5 minutes. Because it only give clients a simple game play. It only come out tickets or coins unless client keep pushing the coins inside the machine. If there is a new game play that bring more fun to the clients, it will stay a long time then player will try to put more coins into the machines, so the machines revenue will be better than the normal one.

Second, the constructions. If the machine always jammed the coins and stop in the coin channel, it must be a bad machine. It need engineers to fix the problems and it need times to do it. Some time the machine problem need 1 or 2 days to solve. If the machine need too much time to fix, it lost time and machine can not make money, it is a lost for most of the location owner. Some cheap price machine still sale at a high price, but the constructions are still the low quality. If you are not a professional buyer, you should listen to the professional supplier to contact us for more information and choose the machine from us in order to decrease some potential risks of breaking down after the machine run in a short time.

Third. After sale service and program. A mature software program need a lot of time to finish it, so the price for the whole machine should be a little bit higher than the normal one which is simply copying from others or simple game play. If you need to change the software or change the program, most of the suppliers can not make it or it need you to buy a lot. That is impossible. So a professional supplier and a good sale man is kind of important to understand what you want. Some sale man can not understand what you want and then the machines changed into the one what you don’t want initially. Another part, most of the supplier need to charge you when you face to the after sale service. For example, if your main board or PC break down, most of the supplier need you to send it back or pay money to fix it. It makes a long time to do it and most of the machine lost a month of running. Most of people feel crazy on it.

To choose a good condition prize game machine is very important and if you have any interesting in it, you can contact with us to inquiry what kind of arcade coin pusher machine suit for your locations.