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What is Prize Machine?
- Jul 02, 2018 -

What is Prize Machine?


   In many shopping center or FEC, there are some game machines that need players pay to play, and the machines will give them reward after playing the games by skill or any reasons, these kind of machines called Prize Machine or Prize Vending Machine. It is vending difference prizes inside for difference players to get it.

   Prize machine is one of the important game machines in locations that bring 30-40% incomes for owners while it also attracts most girls and kids to play. Prize machine also has difference size for difference ages, big size for the teenagers who want a big toys or big prize inside the machine, media size for the general players who want to spend a little money to get a normal prize. Small size for kids that make them happy after they pay to play the game and get a small prize which is not too expensive.

   Difference prize machines or prize games has difference functions. If you want to learn more. Please keep in touch with us.