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What is video redemption games
- Jul 10, 2018 -

 What is video redemption games

You may see a lot of redemption games during the locations. Some machine with monitor , some others don’t. Today, we are going to talk about one of the most important redemption game machine in locations, it is called video redemption games.

Video redemption games is one of the machine that pay out tickets after players finish the game and there is a video game inside the machine that it need a monitor to show it. Player play the video games with a simple game play. Most of the video redemption games need player to push the buttons and control the joysticks to play the game or use other parts like gun to shoo the targets.

Video redemption games is not a skilled based redemption game machine due to the program in the software, it can control the game difficulty to make sure the operators revenues and control how many tickets or rewards the players can get after the game play. It is a good money maker in locations that it attract kids, teenagers and adults to play due to it very kind of simple and it will addict to players.

So what is the disadvantages of this machines? Basically video redemption games are suit for south east Asia countries, japan and china. There area have a common cultures and their habits are basically the same. They like simple game play and they like video game, so video redemption game machines are the good items for this area locations while it doesn’t work good at western countries as the players don’t have too much behaviors on chinese. Kids from United States will like to play this kind of game if they get tickets at each play, each some kids can not get anything after playing will think that the machine is cheating and make the machine revenue goes down and nobody want to play at last.

Not all the video redemption game machine don’t work good at western countries, some of the products also work good due to the game and the concepts.