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What measures should be taken to attract customers' interest
- May 21, 2018 -

    The arcade game machine center generally refers to electronic entertainment center that are aimed at making profits and are open to the public and consumers entertain themselves. Early known as the gaming machine room, with the development of the animation industry, video game programs have also been incorporated into the branch of the animation industry. Traditionally, coins can be used to pay to play the game machines. You can ask for 10 yuan, 20 yuan, or more. There is a coin selector in each game machine and insert coins to play.

    With the improvement of people's living standards, video game devices are very common in people's lives. For those who operate video game equipment, in order to occupy a place in the competition, what measures should be taken to attract customers' interest? Let's talk about everyone in the game below

    First, located products direction

    Based on researching market demand, it conducts extensive investigations and statistical analysis on the consumption situation of amusement and gaming game items within a certain area and draws conclusions and laws, summarizes the characteristics of market demand, and identifies the indoor and outdoor kiddie rides machine items that are most favored by the majority of players on the market. This forms the first step of innovative engineering and provides the most powerful guidance for innovation.

    Second, innovation products

    In the video arcade game machine industry, especially the specific means of experiential project innovation, the combination of innovation is a relatively low-cost and easy-to-implement method. This includes both the internal combination of different video game projects, as well as the combination of the water video game project and the land video game project. By forming a new leisure entertainment experience product, this combination requirement is not only novel, unique and comfortable, but also has a reasonable function. Functional areas are properly allocated.

    Third, change the overall environment and create a new atmosphere

The environmental atmosphere has an important influence on the attractiveness of leisure and entertainment projects. The problem of environmental atmosphere generally includes two aspects:

    First, the environment is relatively old. For some indoor leisure and entertainment projects that take a long time, the environment tends to look old, obsolete, and the overall atmosphere is dark. Many gaming venues with relatively long operating hours have such problems, and innovation can be achieved through the renewal of the environment. For indoor video game facilities where the age, floor, wall, and glass ages, the ground tiles, wall paintings, relocation of the seats around the video game site, and the redesign of free space within the game arcade can be redesigned. To enhance the overall environment and create a new gaming atmosphere, to achieve the overall update of video game sites.

    Secondly, the environment is relatively monotonous. Many leisure and entertainment venues do not pay attention to the overall environment to create, seem relatively monotonous. Can combine the characteristics of the project itself, create a unique environment atmosphere, people feel there is immersive. 

    Fourth, choose appropriate publicity

    The public relations publicity tools of the store include news and publicity, public welfare activities, event marketing, training and education, social circles, and corporate publications. There have been video games that have begun to try these promotions and have achieved good results. Public welfare activities are currently one of the areas where large-scale chain game cities do not want to achieve good results. Event marketing is not used much in this industry. It mainly focuses on propagating oneself for certain things, such as competitors. At the time of opening, we will formulate appropriate measures for the possible impact on the shop, so that the possible adverse effects will disappear and even turn into favorable factors for the shop. Corporate publications are also an indispensable tool for introducing customers. For example, city heroes have saved many such brochures, publicity boards, etc. so that they can be introduced to others at any time.