Kids Playground Equipment

Kids Playground Equipment

Size: customized according location size
Players: 100 players under

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Indoor Soft Play Equipment


Size:  customized according location size

Players: 100 players under




This indoor soft play equipment is also a castle theme soft playground by designing in a area of 250 square meter to meet a lot of clients need.


1.It is a ball pool,children could play inside with a few device.

2.It is electric rotary,children could play on it.

3.It is slide with barrier,children could climb and slide down.

4.It is trampoline park,children could jump inside and then climb.

5.It is slide with barrier.

It is barrier with rope net


Kids indoor playground is a new business in the market and it brings children a lot of fun and make parents to have time in shopping when their family in the shopping mall or some amusement center. Indoor soft play equipment is a hot money income project and it help client to get cost back in a fast time.


Any client order will be obtained our sale, in sale and after sale services. Welcome for your inquiry about the kids indoor playground.

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