New Redemption Machine

New Redemption Machine

Size: L2220*W1400*H600mm
Weight: 435KG
Power Consumption:160W
Players: 6 Players

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Product Details

Truck New Redemption Machine



    Size:  L2220*W1400*H600mm

    Weight: 435KG

    Power Consumption:160W

    Players: 6 Players


    How to play:

    1. Insert coins to pay to play the Truck New Redemption Machine.

    2. Control the truck by using the joysticks and button.

    3. Clawing the balls into the basket and then get score, get more scores, get more tickets.

    4. Time up, then it take out tickets.


    Features of this game


    Trucks New Redemption Machine  is a skill based redemption game machine that give a lot of new experience and more fun to the kids while they are playing the game with their parents. There are 6 trucks in the sands and kids is paying full attention on the machine to get the balls, like controlling a real crane machine. Designed with 6 people seats, it can give a multiplier gameplay to kids which most of the machines don’t have. This is the special point of this game.


    What make this machine special?

    1. Truck theme is latest items for kids and it always get attention by children.

    2. There is wireless with the trucks that make it more easy for playing.

    3. The machine came out with a pleasure music and colorful LED lighting.

    4. Self-developing the program and accept customized offer.

    5. New redemption game machine with a best price.


    What is the income for this game?

    According to the location data, it comes with 500-600 coins in a days and it comes with more at weekends.


    Delivery Time

    5-7 days if there is a stock in warehouse, otherwise it need more than 15 days.  

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