Redemption Machine

Redemption Machine

Size: L650*W700*H1500mm
Weight: 150KG
Power Consumption:120W
Players: single

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Product Details

Drop Choice Redemption Machine

Product introduction

Drop Choice is a kids oriented machines with 6 games inside and easy playing for the kids, so the income from locations is better than other familiar machine. There are 6 difference themes game inside can let players have choices to choose which game they like and give more options for operators to adjust the machine quantity. This game machine is very popular in many countries locations, whatever in amusement center or some arcade center, it also can bring them high profits.


Size:  L650*W700*H1500mm

Weight: 150KG

Power Consumption:120W

Players: single

How to play

1. Redemption Machine need to pay to play the game then player get credits accordingly

2. Aiming at the targets and push button to shoot

3. Control the joystick to hole the direction

4. When credits finish and tickets come out from ticket spender

Features of this game

1.Drop Choice Redemption Machine is a 100% self-developed video exchange game console that combines the popular elements of today's Japanese and American game consoles. The cabinets of this machine were designed by professional teams in the United States and Japan, so the machines we produce are fully considered by the real needs of consumers around the world.

2. Beautiful new redemption game console appearance and LED lighting, suitable for many entertainment venues. Its appearance makes the entertainment venue more attractive and the LED lighting provided by the machine allows the player to fully engage the game. Durable cabinets make it easy for kids to be interested, and the height of this machine is suitable for children's height.

3. 6 difference games in 1 board to suit different types of players. Coin-operated video exchange game, the operator can easily adjust the game system settings.

5. It can bring good income to the owner and attract a large number of customers. In addition, this new redemption game console offers a one-year warranty and all lifetime after-sales services.

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