Redemption Video Game Machine

Redemption Video Game Machine

Size: L800*W700*H1700mm
Weight: 160KG
Power Consumption:150W
Players: single

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Product Details

Animal Run Redemption Video Game Machine 


Size:  L800*W700*H1700mm

Weight: 160KG

Power Consumption:150W

Players: single

How to play :

1. Animal Run Redemption Video Game Machine need to pay to play the game then player get credits accordingly

2. Touching the monitor to bet the credits to the animals you choose.

3. Time up, game start, after animal running, results come out.

4. Players get tickets after credits finish.

Features of this games

1. Animal Run Redemption Video Game Machine is a self developed video redemption games with touchscreen function.

2. Spectacular amusement new redemption game machine designed with wireless functions. It can be linked up to 18 units without any WIFI or cable.

3. New design model, new profit model to help location owner .

4. It is a coin operated machines with forest theme color to match with the game.

5. Customized difference model of new redemption game machine service is also available.

6. Offer 1 year warranty and all life after sale service.


This game console is based on the theme of the tortoise and the hare, so it is very attractive, so it can fully attract consumers. In addition, this machine is very easy for players to operate, so no matter which age group, this machine can be well controlled and have fun from the game. The machine's screen is a color screen with good color saturation and resolution, so it can give players a good gaming experience.

Animal run is a new type video redemption machine that using touch screen function to play the game and easy for player to bet the credits on the game play. It is specially work well at south east Asia countries, this is a amusement game with ticket out but the game will attract people to play as it is a traditional game with new cabinet. Also, wireless function can help location owner solve the placing problem as it can put anywhere in the locations with linked by inner WiFi network. Stable program, nice price and good after sale service.


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