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13 Categories Of Children's Play Equipment
- Apr 08, 2018 -

   1. Structural features of horse-ride amusement rides: The cockpit is mounted on a rotating disc or a support arm, and is rotated around a vertical axis or an inclined axis, or has a small swing while rotating around a vertical axis.

      Cockpit rides that revolve around a vertical axis or an inclined axis: roundabouts, whirlwinds, waves of pearls, lotus cups, moon rockets, coffee cups, roll-rotating cabins, shuttlecock, small aircraft (cockpits are not lifting), Dumbo ( Cockpit does not lift), theme naughty fort and children play a variety of small rotary gaming machine.

      There are small swinging rides that rotate around the vertical axis: Astronauts, Damania, Big Mac, etc.

   2. Scooter type amusement structure structure Movement characteristics: The vehicle itself has no power. After being lifted to a certain height by the lifting device, it will run on the track by inertia; or the vehicle itself will have power and will run on the undulating track. Such as: roller coaster, crazy mouse, gliding dragon, torrential bravery, crescent moon speed, mine car and so on.

   3. Structure of gyro amusement rides Movement characteristics: The cockpit rotates around a variable inclination axis, and most of the spindles are mounted on a boom that can be raised and lowered. Such as: gyro, double flying, brave turntable, flying by arm, football and so on.

   4. Structure characteristics of flying tower amusement facilities: Suspension pods shall be used for swinging movements on the side of lifting and lowering, and the pods shall be suspended with flexible parts. Such as: flight tower, air swivel chair, PHS, watch tower, gliding wing, frog jump, sounding shuttle and so on.

   5. Structures of racing class amusement facilities Movement characteristics: Run along designated lines on the ground. Such as: racing, small sports cars, high-speed racing.

   6. Self-controlled aircraft amusement rides Structure Movement characteristics: The rider's part rotates around the central axis and performs lifting movements. Most of the passengers are mounted on the swing arm. Such as: self-controlled aircraft, self-controlled flying saucer, joyous spacecraft, aerial walks, interplanetary spacecraft, wave swings. There are amusement machines that move up and down and swing multidimensional movements, such as: space shuttles, dynamic movie platforms.

   7. The appearance of the structure of the amusement rides of the amusement rides: The rider turns or swings around the horizontal axis. Such as: Ferris wheel, large windmills, space ships, pirate ships, flying carpets, meteor hammers, and so on.

   8. Structure of small-sized amusement rides Sports features: Running along the ground track. Such as: small trains, dragon cars, animal play cars, monkeys, etc.

   9. Overhead Touring Amusement Structure Movement Characteristics: Running along an overhead track. Such as: overhead bicycles, air trains.

10. Structure of aquatic amusement facilities Sports features: Facilities for playing with water. Such as: water slides, water roaming, canyon rafting, bumper boats, cruise ships, water bikes, ziplines, wave pools and a variety of play pools.

11. Bumper car type amusement ride structure Movement characteristics: Driven by electric power, internal combustion engine or manpower, passengers operate by themselves. Collide in a fixed space. Such as: electric bumper cars, battery bumper cars, high trucks and so on.

12. Battery car amusement machine structure Movement characteristics: Battery-powered, run on the ground, generally for the passengers to operate their own, suitable for children to ride.

13. Bungee structure movement features: the use of elastic rope is the rider cabin upward upwards to the sky or people fall from high altitude recreational facilities.

     The person who elevates upwards is generally fixed in the cockpit, and those who fall down generally wear safety protective clothing (bands).