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AAE HongKong Is Coming At June
- May 14, 2018 -

Hong Kong AAE Exhibition

Exhibition time: 2018.6.6-8

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

Range of exhibition 

    Playground and amusement park facilities: Roller coasters, scooters, Ferris wheels, bumper cars, carousels, Ferris wheeler, sightseeing roadways, amusement robots, karts, and other types of swing and swing game machines. Remote control equipment, hitting game machines, community fitness equipment, inflatable amusement equipment. 

     Arcade game machine series: amusement game machines, gaming machines, new redemption game machines and peripherals, simulator machines, video arcade game machine and other entertainment, educational and entertainment facilities and other equipment. 

 Water amusement equipment: wave making equipment, water slides, bumper boats, yachts, models, water fountains, water treatment equipment, electronically equipment, and drifting equipment. 

Dynamic movies: 3D, 4D movie equipment, water curtain movies, fog screen movie equipment, performance equipment, special digital photography equipment, theater equipment, special projectors for stereoscopic film, special audio, lighting, vending machines, playground and entertainment center management software Wait.

    United Asia Entertainments will bring a latest products and information to the show and welcome all your friends visit us during the show.