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Arcade Video Redemption Game Machine Feedback From Locations
- Aug 21, 2018 -

 Arcade Video Redemption Game Machine feedback from Locations


Our latest arcade video redemption game machine: Monster’s Coming, has been sold to many locations and help their own to make money. All the owners happy because the machine can bring them a excellent income and get more people to play it.


This is a video shooting game machine that it comes out tickets after player finish the game. That is why the machine suitable for many locations as ticket redemption machine is still one of the popular machine to attract clients.


“ Kids will play the game in a long time with their parents because the machine has a good elements and good performance in family entertainments”--said by a owner in Malaysia.


“ I like the game and there is no such kind of theme machine in our area,so people get attract by this machine”--said by a operator in Vietnam.


“It gives kids a lot of tickets and make them happy, kids like the machine”--Said by a owner in Shanan Xi location.


Video redemption game machine is one of our mainly products for the market and if you are looking for others redemption machine, please feel free to contact us or call us to inquiry details.


Here are the pictures from locations.