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Four Points To Note When Maintaining Recreational Equipment
- Apr 08, 2018 -

The regular maintenance of amusement equipment is very necessary for the operators. If they are well maintained, their life span can also be extended for a long time and can also bring you benefits. At the same time, the safety of consumption is also well protected. What do you need to know when maintaining your amusement equipment? After the play Xiaobian for everyone to break down.

   The first step: regular inspections.

The amusement equipment operator should periodically check whether the safety bar of the equipment is in good condition, whether the safety fence is intact, whether the motor and its fixing bolts are abnormal, and whether the voltage and current values are normal.

   The second step: regular maintenance.

Amusement equipment operators regularly add lubricant to the equipment to reduce wear during operation. The equipment must be operated by special personnel. Non-professionals should not move and avoid unnecessary accidents.

   The third step: the equipment is commissioned.

During the test run, check if the equipment is running abnormal sound; the trip switch is normal; whether the oil system has oil leakage. If there is a fault, special personnel are required to repair it. Do not disassemble parts at will. All checks if normal equipment can start running.

   The fourth step: safety protection.

The security risks discovered during the operation of the equipment should immediately stop operations and eliminate hidden dangers in a timely manner. The machine must not be allowed to run sick. Each large-scale amusement device should have different emergency plans in order to promptly evacuate tourists after a dangerous situation to ensure the safety of tourists and to do the necessary safety protection measures.