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Game Machine Manufacturers Recommend The Parts And Operations To Be Checked During The Operation
- Apr 08, 2018 -

The number of amusement equipment factories is constantly increasing, and we have a lot of choices. It is because operators do not know how to identify the equipment when they go to the game machine manufacturers to do inspections.

1. The prices of game manufacturers, so that we can save our purchase costs when we purchase amusement devices;

2. Understand the scale and service of amusement equipment manufacturers and understand whether we will be guaranteed after the sale of amusement equipment;

3. It is also very important to understand the quality and performance of amusement equipment so that we can purchase amusement equipment with better quality and performance.

The above three points are enough to show how to identify whether the manufacturer's equipment is worth buying when going to a game machine manufacturer. Here we simply say a method of long-term maintenance and repair of downstream music equipment.

1, good lubrication. For the children's entertainment facilities, zero lubrication must be performed so that the wear phenomenon can be reduced. In the course of operation of children's play equipment, parts wear often occurs. Of course, this should be the case. To carry out maintenance and maintenance in time to avoid potential safety hazards.

2, the installation of precision. Reasonable installation is also very important, if the installation between the components of the children's play equipment has errors, it will easily lead to the occurrence of wear phenomenon;

3, the degree of cleanliness. The cleanliness of children's play equipment is also very important. If the children's entertainment facilities are less clean, then it will also cause wear due to pollution. Therefore, we only need to pay attention to the above precautions to reduce the wear and tear of children's entertainment facilities during the operation process, thereby effectively extending the life of children's entertainment facilities.